Collaborator: Retrieving Old Collaborator Cases


PBHS Collaborator’s portal ( was permanently retired on 5/31/17.  PBHS has captured your patient data, which will be available on our new MySecurePractice portal.

If you already have a registered account, you can now login to   

How to view my old collaborator data

  1. Register for a free MySecurePractice account, click here.  (if you already have a registered account, skip to step 2) 
  2. Once registered, please login here.
  3. Select "View Cases":


  4. Select the tab labeled "LEGACY CASES (OLD COLLABORATOR)":


  5. If you are a registered user within MySecurePractice (using the same email you did on the old system)- you will see any old patient cases here.
    1. You will notice each column header (Patient, Referred By, Referring Email and Referral Date) can be alphabetically sorted, click directly on the title to sort.
    2. An "Attachment" option will be available on the right side of each case IF THERE WERE ANY ATTACHMENTS included with this case (PDF's/images/videos).
    3. Select the "View" button, this will open a new tab with this case in a PDF Format.  From here you can save, print or just review. 


If you are missing patient cases from your old Collaborator system, please email to have your patient data migrated to your new account.

Please note that if the emails used to register to your new account do not match the emails you used to log in to your old Collaborator system, we may need to verify your identity before migrating.

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