TruForm: How to Login


Instructions below ONLY apply to TruForm on MyPBHS.

In this section we will go over the following:

How to Login:

  1. Your office will be notified via email of the new submitted form.         
  2. You can either click the link located in the email, or open a browser and login to:
  3. Enter the username and password given to you by PBHS Support, and select "Login".
  4. Once you login, you will be directed to the "Truform" tab below. 
  5. Located in the middle of the page, you will see two options:
    1. "Registrations"
    2. "Referrals"
  6. Select the "Registrations" or "Referrals" option, which will bring up the associated list of active submissions.

Note, at any time you can switch your list view throughout the portal by selecting the form type available directly under the "TruForm" tab:


Forgot Your Login?

Please call PBHS Support directly at 1 (888) 840-0739.   This information cannot be sent via email. 

Please do NOT email your username and password to PBHS Support for any reason, call PBHS Support for any  login issues/questions you may have. 


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