SecureMail: Receipts and Invoices


Instructions below ONLY apply to SecureMail.

In this section we will go over the following:

SecureMail Purchase Receipt

  1. Once you purchase SecureMail (Paid Tier), you will receive an email receipt for this transaction.  *this email will go to the users email (who was logged in) and paid for this service. 
  2. When you purchase a SecureMail Paid Tier, you will receive an email receipt for each option purchased separately. 

Examples Below:

SecureMail Monthly Purchase Receipt SecureMail Outlook Plugin Monthly Purchase Receipt
sm-stripe-monthly.png sm-outlook-stripe-monthly.png
SecureMail Annual Purchase Receipt SecureMail Outlook Plugin Annual Purchase Receipt
sm-stripe-yearly.png sm-outlook-stripe-yearly.png

Checking Your Invoice Online

You may easily check your SecureMail invoices via your MySecurePractice account.

  1. Once you login
  2. Select "Update Profile" from your Dashboard:
  3. Select the "Messaging" tab towards the top
  4. Select the "View Invoices" button to your RIGHTinvoice1.png
  5. A window will appear containing a list of your SecureMail past invoices, including the below information:
    • Invoice ID
    • Amount of each Transaction
    • Description
    • Date Charged. 
  6. Additionally, you have the option to "Email Summary" of the invoices listed within this windowinvoice2.png
  7. If selected, this will email a copy of your summary (exactly the way it appears on the above page) to the user's email you are logged in as.
  8. Once you select "View Invoices", a confirmation will appear letting you know it was sent!invoice3.png
  9. You can now check your email, and should see an email notice from



If you have any questions about one of the items on the invoice, please contact us at (800) 840-5383.




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