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This article includes information about accessing and setting up your hosted email portal. Read below to find: 

Login Credentials

To access the new email service, you'll start by obtaining your temporary login credentials. Find your temporary credentials at using your existing MySecurePractice login.

How to Access Webmail

Your mailbox can be accessed via a web browser from any computer, smartphone, or tablet without installing any additional applications.

  1. To access your new mailbox, open the web browser and navigate to the following URL: For example, if your custom domain is “,” the webmail URL will be
  2. You will be presented with a login screen
  3. The username is your email address. For example,
  4. Use the temporary password obtained in the previous step
  5. Select Remember my login on this computer if you log in from a trusted machine. Don’t use this feature on untrusted devices
  6. Click Next

Change Your Temporary Webmail Password

  1. Login to Webmail as outlined in the section above, How to Access Webmail
  2. Click on the User icon in the upper right corner
  3. Select My account
  4. In the My account window fill in and confirm the new password
  5. Click Update password and log me out from everywhere to save the new password

    👉 Note: Your password must contain at least 8 characters and at least one of the following:

    • An UPPERCASE letter

    • A lowercase letter

    • A number

    • A special character (,./!@#$%^&*, etc.)


Change the Display Name

The display name is the sender information that appears next to your email address when recipients receive an email from you. By default, the display name will include your email address and should be changed to the desired name.

  1. Login to Webmail as outlined in How to Access Webmail
  2. Click the User icon in the upper right corner
  3. Select My account
  4. Change the Display name
  5. Click Save
    mceclip2.png mceclip8.png


Click here to view the Help Center article with additional instructions on setting up Outlook and other email applications.



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