Websites: Adding social media links to Wordpress sites


In this section we will cover:

Please Note: These settings do not apply to every template design.


Adding Social Media sharing buttons

  1. Go to "" to login
  2. Once logged in you will see the admin panel for Template Settings:
  3. To add small Social Media Sharing buttons to the bottom of your homepage or interior pages, click Social Media Sharing to expand. Select the buttons you'd like, the locations, type and size of buttons.

    *Note: These are not direct links to your social media page, they allow the person viewing your site to login to their own social media account and "share" or "like" your website.

    They will appear at the bottom of the main homepage content once saved:

Adding direct Social Media links

  • First add your Social Media URLs into either the Template Settings under Social Media Sharing OR Design options under Options/Social Options/Practice Social Media Links sections.
    *Note: You must enter the full and correct URL to your social media page.

    Template Settings example:

    Design Options example:

    They will appear on the homepage/footer once saved. For example:

Note: If you are using a template in the "2120 series" you may have additional options under Design Options and Layout configuration. Please contact PBHS Support for specific assistance with adding social media links to your particular website's template design.



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