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An overview on reviewing and approving your PBHS Launch Survey Reviews:

Writing A Review

Patients can write a review for you by visiting the link on your website.  Usually this address is (please note, dependent on how your website was setup- it may vary). 

Other ways to access the form include looking for the  icon or browsing through the menus on your website for "Write a Review".

The patient must fill out the required fields on the survey form, including:

  • Overall star rating:

  • Overall comments

  • The patient also decides if he or she would like his or her review to be "approved for publishing". You as the Website Editor or Review Moderator can only approve reviews that are approved for publishing by the patient.

    If the patient has decided NOT to mark his or her review as "approved for publishing", then the "thumbs up" toggle to approve and publish the review will be grayed out and unclickable in the Launch Survey section. 

    • If the patient selects no, and this review isn't approved for publishing- you will see this in your Launch Survey section while looking at this review.
    • The thumbs up icon will be disabled

Once a patient submits a review, a notification will be sent to the email address you provided asking you to log into your account and moderate the review.  If you approve the review it will be published live on the website and to facebook (if you have the social connect feature enabled). You can choose to do nothing or unapprove the review, and it will NOT be published.

Administering Reviews:

  1. Navigate to your website's login screen:
  2. Enter the username that was provided to you for website editing or Launch Survey and your password and click "Log In".  If you have forgotten your password, please contact PBHS Support by phone for a password reset.
  3. Once you login, click the "Launch Survey" button on the left menu. 

  4. This will take you to the Launch Survey dashboard screen.

  5. Click on the Approve Reviews section on the left
  6. This will lead you directly to your Reviews Dashboard.
    • You can also click on the "Reviews" section at the top of the screen to see ALL reviews.

  7. Here you can review, approve, unapprove, trash, print and comment on any patient surveys.  These options will always be to the RIGHT of the review:
  • To APPROVE a Review:   Click on the hand icon to make a "thumbs-up"! 
    Reviews will publish to the "Testimonials" page of your website, usually and to your business Facebook page (if you have the social connect feature enabled)
  • To UNAPPROVE a Review:  Click on the hand icon again, making it a thumbs-down!  Once it is unapproved, It will remove the review from your website and the icon will look like this:
      • Note: Unapproving a review will NOT automatically remove it from your business Facebook page if it has already been posted. You will need to login to your business Facebook page and manually remove it. 
  • To TRASH a Review:   Click on the trash can icon, this will mark this comment as "Trashed".  Note there is no way to permanently remove a Review. 

  • To PRINT a Review:  Click on the printer icon, this will print the entire review form with the answers from this patient. 
  • To VIEW the entire Review/Comment: Click on the conversation bubble icon, this will display the entire review with their Overall Comments which you will have the option to privately or publicly respond to the patient.

If you are finished approving reviews, you can log-out using the "Logout" button along the left hand side menu.


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