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Adding a New Table

  • Go to "" to login
  • From there navigate to the page you would like to edit and select the "Edit" button located on the right or left hand side of your page.
  • Put your cursor on the page where you would like your table to go
  • On your toolbar either to the right/left side of you page- select the table option
  • Now select the type of table you would like to add- how many columns
  • This will insert the table selected (1 row total)

Adding New Row

Once you have your table built, you can easily add a new row now!!

  • Add your cursor in the row directly ABOVE where you would like the new row to be placed (this will add a new row directly below the row you are on).
  • You will see a small toolbar appear above your table:
  • Select the + Sign and the same table format option will appear.  Select the table columns that will match your current table:
  • This will add a new row for you to start adding to!!

Add Space in Between Rows

In this example I added my doctors and my staff together in one table.  Now i want to break them apart so I can add the correct introduction to my doctors and to my staff section. 

  • Add your cursor in the row directly above where you would like to type your paragraph or header
  • The table toolbar will appear directly above the table, select the + option:
  • Now select the "Paragraph" option, as seen below:

  • This will add a break in your table to allow you to free type as seen below:

Rearrange Table Rows

  • Add your cursor in the row you would like to move either up or down.

  • Your table toolbar will appear directly above your row selection
  • Now select either the UP or DOWN arrow to move your row 1 up or 1 down:

    **You can continue to use these arrows if you want to move that row further down in your table!
  • In this example, I moved this row down 1 row:

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