Website Editing: SEO


Please note:  You must contact PBHS Support to setup SEO access with your current website user. 

Designed for the experienced user and/or outside SEO contractor, there is NO phone support or ticketing included.

All template sites include SEO NOW!  - Optimized title and meta tags

You have the ability to edit your own metadata, title, description and keywords within your website editor. 

  • Go to "" to login
  • From there navigate to the "Site Map" icon to the far LEFT
  • At the top of this page click the "Show SEO in Tree View" Button:
  • This will display the Name/Description on the main page, and on the RIGHT column you will find your Meta Title/Meta Description.
  • Once changes are completed, select "Save Sitemap" in the upper right hand corner. 

All other items can be sent to our changes department ( to be completed at n/a cost:

  • Addition of Google Analytical Code

  • Addition of C NAMES/A Records/TXT records if necessary for Google verification

  • Initial footer updates

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