SecureMail: Inviting a Doctor or Staff in your practice to use SecureMail


Instructions below ONLY apply to SecureMail.

This section will go over the following:

PLEASE NOTE: All user accounts for your entire practice should exist under your main practice account within the new portal.

If your existing account is a free user account you will be unable to compose messages to new recipients to invite others to communicate with you securely through the portal. If you do not want to upgrade to the paid version of SecureMail, but would like to add new users under your account (for doctors/staff)- see below:

  • Please contact PBHS Support to assist you with adding a new free user account as part of your practice's existing main account that can be upgraded by you at a later date.

    1. Once you login
    2. Click on the "Send Secure Message" icon:
    3. Select this option to compose a new secure message, a new secure message window will appear.
    4. Skip to step 8

      OR, if you have already moved past the above dashboard:

    5. On your far left hand column select "Secure Inbox"
    6. Under "Secure Inbox" select the "Compose" option

    7. The below window will appear:

    8. Add the recipient's email address in the TO: field.  *Please Note you can only add 1 email address per email.
    9. Once you tab or click off the TO: field (to anywhere else on the email)
    10. A new drop down labeled "Select recipient's role:" will appear in your To: field.
    11. Select the correct role for your email recipient.  In this case, you would want to select either:
      • Doctor in my practice: for a doctor in your practice 
      • Staff in my practice:    for a staff in your practice.
        Please note: These options will add the user to your practice. If you wish to invite a doctor or staff from another practice, or a patient, please consult the following guide to User Roles.
      • Once your email is sent:  The new Doctor/Staff member will receive a registration email on your behalf, asking them to create their account in order to review your secure email.  Our website will walk them through this process and ask them for their user information (User Email, Cell Phone, and Full Name)

      • Once registered, our system will send them a final email to set their password.  

    12. The Doctor/Staff can now Login using their new username (as their email) and the password he or she has just created.
    13. Right away they can view and reply to any messages they have recieved from you.  If they wish to Purchase the Paid version of Secure Mail (so they can compose emails)- they can do so below.

Purchasing the Paid Version of SecureMail (invited user):

  1. Once you login
  2. On the dashboard, select "Secure Inbox":

  3. To purchase the paid tier of secure email, they would select "Buy Now":

  4. This will prompt the Doctor/Staff member to enter their Credit Card information for purchase, as seen below:

  5. Select the green button "Pay $10.00" to purchase PBHS SecureMail
  6. Once purchased, the Doctor/Staff can immediately start using the full version of SecureMail to compose new secure messages!! 


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