SecureMail: Compose a Secure Message


Instructions below ONLY apply to SecureMail.

This will go over how to create and send a Secure Message using SecureMail.

Watch our instructional video:

Compose a Secure Message

  1. Once you login
  2. Click on the Send Secure Message icon:

    OR, if you have already moved past the above dashboard:

    1. On your left hand column, select Secure Mail
    2. Within this section, select the Compose option
    3. This will open a blank compose window:
  3. Add the recipient's email address in the TO field.  
    *Please Note you can only add 1 email address per secure message.
    • Once you tab or click off the TO field (to anywhere else on the message) you may notice an additional field appear, labeled Select recipient's role *.
      • If this email is a NEW user not registered within our system, you will also need to give this user a role. (click here for further descriptions of each role)
      • If this email is an existing user within our system, you will not be asked to select the recipient's role.
  4. If you have previously communicated with the doctor/staff/patient in the past- they will be listed within your Contacts. (click here for further instructions on using contacts). 
  5. Once your recipient is selected, the other required fields that need to be completed include:
    • *Subject Line
    • *Some form of a message within the body of the email
      (if you've previously saved a signature line which is present in your email, this is considered a "form of a message" and can be sent without typing a message):
  6. Additionally, there are 3 options you can utilize before sending your Secure Message:
    • Save Draft  Allows you to save a draft, which you can edit or send at a later time.
    • Add Files  Allows you to upload up to 100 attachments.
    • Self Destruct Allows you to change the self-destruct assigned day (anywhere from 1-30 days max)
  7. Once you are ready to send your secure message, select the Send button.
    1. Once sent, you can locate this email within the Sent folder to the LEFT:
    2. New messages sent out will always be filed at the top of your Sent folder:



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