My Profile: Locating My Profile


Instructions below ONLY apply to the MySecurePractice Portal.

Here you find your general settings for MySecurePractice, including products you currently have active: 

  1. Once you login
  2. Select the Update Profile option, located on your MySecurePractice dashboard:
    • HINT:  If you are past the dashboard above, select the avatar name and icon drop down menu (located in the upper/right hand corner):
    • Select the Profile option:

  3. This will lead you to the Account Profile tab of your Profile:
    *Dependent on what products you have active under MySecurePractice, your tab options may vary.
  4. From here, you can access the following profile product tabs (if they are active for your practice):
    1. Collaborator
    2. Messaging
    3. Silent Partner TV
    4. ADA TV
    5. TruForm
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