Collaborator: Invite a Patient for Collaboration


In this section, we will go over the following:

Patient Invitation

Each patient talk is a private conversation between yourself and the patient, no other doctor/staff can see this conversation.  Any associated doctor or staff member on the case can also have a private conversation here with the patient.

  1. Once you login
  2. Select View Cases

  3. Under the existing case you wish to review, select the View button:

  4. Select the tab labeled Patient Talk:
  5. Select the click here to invite your patient by email:
    • You can also select the Invite Patient button, located at the top of your patients case:
  6. The following window will appear, fill out the required information to invite your patient:
    1. Email Address
    2. Confirm Email Address
  7. Once the Email Address field are filled out, select the Send button:
    • Back on the Collab Patient Talk tab, you will have further options under the Re-Invite Patient as needed:


Patient Registration

  1. An email invitation will be sent to the patient, the patient would follow the instructions on the email to register:
  2. The patient will select the Continue button after entering at least one phone number:
  3. Once the patient selects a method to receive a secret code in order to verify their identity, they would select the Continue button:
    1. The patient would either receive a call (or if mobile, a SMS if selected) with the secret code), they would enter that on the screen and select the Continue button:
    2. The patient can also:
      1. Change Delivery Method:  Will lead the patient back to step 10.
      2. Re-Send Code:  Will either call or send an SMS to the patient with the new Secret Code, dependent on what they originally selected.
  4. On the Terms Of Use page, the patient will need to scroll down in order to accept and select the I Accept button:

  5. Now the patient can set their password, and select the Continue button to finalize their account to login:
    Setting & Confirming Password Password Requirements


  6. Using the email and password just created, the patient would select the Sign In button to review their Secure Messages.

Patient MySecurePractice Login

  1. Once the patient completes registration, the registration will lead them right to the login page:
  2. Additionally, the patient can:
    1. Use the original email notification, and click on the link provided in the email from a computer or tablet:
      **If the patient uses the link provided in this email invite below, once they login they will be directly on the message from the practice.
    2. The patient can login directly to from a computer or tablet.
  3. Using the email and password created previously, the patient would select the Sign In button to login:
  4. From the patient dashboard, select the Secure Inbox option:

  5. They would be lead right to their inbox, where they can click and review and reply to any message(s) from your practice:   

  6. If the patient does reply back, this would become a thread in the Patient Talk within the Collaborator Case for only your user to see:  
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