Collaborator: Invite a Doctor for Collaboration


Within Collaborator, you can invite Doctors to become your colleagues so you can quickly either refer cases to them, and they can quickly refer cases to you.

  1. Log in.
  2. Select "View Cases"

There are two places you can invite doctors:

  1. Select "View Cases" from the main dashboard:
  2. Now select "Invite a Doctor" from the left hand column under "Cases"
    • OR, select "Invite a Doctor" green button (located in the upper RIGHT hand corner):
  3. Either option will open the below shadow box, input the requested fields:
    • **This should only be used for doctors within your practice.
    • This will allow that doctor to use collaborator under your account with your practice information.
    • Data usage from collab will be shared with you and any doctors added to your practice. 
    • The new doctor will be able to receive and refer collab cases.
    • The new doctor can be added onto any existing cases you are currently on or referred to (additional instructions here).
    • If you wish to add a STAFF ROLE, please call PBHS Support (888-840-0739 or email this request to
    1. Add them as part of my Account:  
      If this option is selected, the user will be invited to register under your account.
    2. The email address is required. 
    3. At least one phone field is required.
    4. Once completed, select "Send Invite".
    5. This will email an invitation to the doctor that you have invited them to sign up for secure patient collaboration with you! Note: If the doctor has already used that email address to register a user account in the system, then instead of an invitation the doctor will be sent an email message that you would like to collaborate with them using Collaborator.
    6. Once the doctor has registered, you will both see each other as an option under your Collaborator "Dashboard" in the "Colleagues" area.  

      • This will allow you to quickly either "+Send Case" and/or send a "Secure Email".

Suggestions for getting your colleagues using PBHS Collaborator!

We suggest contacting all of your referring offices you will be collaborating with through the portal initially with a personalized email:

"Dear Doctor,

Thank you for your business! We have recently moved to a HIPAA compliant online referral system called PBHS Collaborator. Part of the setup will require you to create your own secure portal account and we need the following information from you:

1. Email address you'd like to use
2. Office phone number to use for your account
3. Alternate phone number to use for your account (alternate office line or cell)

Once we receive this information back from you we will proceed by inviting you to the portal to communicate with us securely.

You may use this link to a video that assists you with the registration process:

Also, please feel free to review the following helpful PBHS Support articles to begin using this product.

You may contact us directly with questions regarding this email, or for advanced Collaborator questions, issues or support please contact PBHS Support by emailing or by calling 888-840-0739.

Thank you and we look forward to working with you!


Our Office"

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