SecureMail: Adding Attachments


Instructions below ONLY apply to SecureMail.

  1. Once your secure message is composed (steps 1-12)
  2. You can either:
    1. Select the Add Files button, a pop-up window will connect you to your local computer:
      1. Navigate on your computer to the location of your files
      2. Select the file / zip folder (or hold down shift key and select multiple files)
      3. Select the Open button to attach the selected files
    2. Or you can drag and drop your files within the Drop Files Here to Upload dotted square area:
    3. To review the accepted file types, click here

  3. Once Attached, your files will be individually displayed below the body (message) of the email:
    • Select the X at end of the file name of the attachment if you need to remove that attachment (before sending):
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