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Instructions below ONLY apply to SecureMail.

Thank you for your interest in our PBHS SecureMail product! We are very excited to provide ADA endorsed and HIPAA compliant email and collaboration services through our encrypted online MySecurePractice portal. The information below will be helpful getting you started using the secure messaging service.

How does it work?
PBHS SecureMail allows you to create an account within the MySecurePractice Portal ( You will use an existing email address of your choice to register and create an account which will allow you to receive incoming SecureMail messages through our portal, and reply securely to messages received.

You also have the option to upgrade to a paid user account which will allow you to compose secure messages to any other existing PBHS Secure Mail account as well as invite new users to communicate with you securely through the portal.

Please note PBHS SecureMail does not supplement your regular email services or change them in any way. You will receive notification emails in your regular email inbox that are not secure, simply notifying you that a message is ready to view. The MySecurePractice Portal provides you with an environment in which to send/receive secure messages and you will still be able to send and receive normal email as you do now. Only when logged into the secure MySecurePractice portal (using your email address and password) are your messages secure.

A short video demo of the system:


There are a few ways to sign up for PBHS SecureMail:

1. Sign up for PBHS SecureMail for your practice!
In order to be HIPAA compliant, your practice needs to transmit protected patient health information securely. You may sign up for our product using the link below:

Sign up for PBHS SecureMail!

2. Signing up from an invitation from an existing user

When you want to invite a user please ensure that you are completing all the information correctly or it will prevent them from registering. 

When you invite a new user they will receive an invitation email letting them know that your practice has sent a PBHS secure message. The email will contain a link for them to sign up for a free account. Once they register their free account, they will be able to read and reply to your messages for free. If they would like to compose new messages to other users, they will be prompted to upgrade their account to a paid account.

3. Sign up from an invitation from PBHS
This generally applies to SEO and truForm clients that do not yet have a portal account setup for their practice. PBHS will send you an invitation to your preferred email address and assist you with the registration process.

Help your doctors use PBHS HIPAA compliant secure email (for paid users)

This is extremely vital for HIPAA compliance, and unfortunately the more stringent regulations require the sending and receiving of patient data to be less "convenient" than traditional email methods - the best news is that you know you are covered by using this secure messaging system.

We understand that getting your colleagues and patients using the new secure messaging system can be the most difficult part, so below you will find some suggestions to assist you with this process!

  • Let them know this is a free service to them that will protect them from significant HIPAA violations and fines.
  • Send out an initial mass email to your colleagues to inform them of your transition to a HIPAA compliant secure messaging service before inviting them by sending them a message within the portal.
    MyPBHS SecureMail - initial invite email to colleagues.pdf 

Helpful Links!

Please visit our additional support pages below for more information!

Feedback and Suggestions?
We love to hear from our customers! Please send us your feedback!

Still have questions?
You may email us at or call our Support line directly at 888-840-0739 (M-F 5am-5pm PST). Please let us know how we can assist you!





Example initial invitation letter to send to your colleagues

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