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Below are just some ways you can dress up your blog article and begin to reach out to more fans:

Pictures– People love pictures, and posting new pictures is one of the most effective ways to embellish your blog article. Start to personalize by uploading before and after photos of smiles you may have transformed, pictures of your office, staff members in action, and smiling patients.

Testimonials (Video and Otherwise)- Testimonials also allow you to share one of the most rewarding aspects of your work with everyone- the joy you bring to patients after successfully completing a procedure or surgery. Ask patients who you feel would be comfortable with this request to write a quick personal testimonial, or participate in a short video endorsement. Uploading videos to your blog article is easy, and they are another high-interest attraction for your fans.

Quote of the Week– Adding inspirational or funny quotes to your blog article once a week or so is an easy way to get attention from your patients and bring more traffic to your site. There are countless locations on the web to find material for these types of quotes, making it an effortless way to keep your blog article relevant.

Patient of the Week/Month– Patients will feel honored if you choose them for “Patient of the Week” or month, and it is an easy way to add some content to your Facebook page! It is nice to include a small gift along with the honor, such as a $10 gift card to a local business, movie tickets, or another small promotional token. Have a staff member take a picture with the winning patient- and done! There’s another easy post!

Continued Education/Conferences– Facebook is a great place to showcase additional education efforts you or your team members are making, as well as to inform patients about any conferences or dental events you may be attending. Patients feel comforted knowing their doctor is dedicated to continued learning and innovation.

Promotions and Give-Aways– Everyone loves free stuff! Advertising promotions and give-aways on Facebook will keep fans interested. Any special offers or discounts you plan to offer can be made into posts. You may also consider implementing a contest in which every person who “likes” your facebook page within a given week will be entered in a drawing for a fun prize. This benefits your facebook, blog article and your practice, getting yourself more “fans,” while showcasing your site to potential new patients. Be sure to add an update about the contest winner, perhaps complete with a picture of them claiming their prize.

Personal Events/Accomplishments for Doctor and Staff– Just as Facebook was created for, updating your “friends” with personal milestones and events will fill out your Facebook page while also giving it a more intimate quality. Include updates about staff engagements, weddings, birthdays, pregnancies, anniversaries, retirements, and new members. There are countless options in this area, and adding personal information about your practice will humanize your work, and enhance your brand. Supporting your team members on this forum is also a great way to show patients you care.

Links to Interesting Articles/Videos– Pasting a link to an interesting article or heartwarming video is another simple way to get attention on your article. If someone sends you or one of your team members a joke or link you enjoy, post it! Content does not need to be all dental-themed- in fact, patients will be amused to see a different side of you.

Awards/Articles About Your Practice– Promote your practice through Facebook by posting links to articles in which you or your practice may have been featured. If you write articles, even of a clinical nature, you may consider adding these as well. Even if patients do not read or entirely understand these articles, seeing that you are an active participant in education within your field will impress patients. Also, mentioning awards or distinctions your practice may have obtained will have a similar effect.

Community Events/Charity– Local community events, charity, or volunteering in which you may participate, can be added to your article to show patients that you care! Even if you simply attend a fundraising lunch at a local restaurant, post it in an article! Taking pictures of you and your staff at these events will also make for a fun photo album to upload later.

(“Dr. Smith and staff were proud to support the local Boys and Girls Club by eating lunch at Chevys today.”)

Asking Questions– Posting questions is great because they allow for your fans to directly interact with one another on your wall. You can ask dental or non-dental questions- anything that will get patients talking! For example, consider asking, “what is your favorite brand of toothpaste?” or “who has your favorite celebrity smile?”

New Technology– You deserve to brag about new technology you may have acquired, such as laser teeth whitening tools, or digital radiology equipment. Facebook is a great place to post information about your latest technology, and the ways it can improve your patients’ visits and oral health.

(“Dr. Smith is proud to now offer digital radiology! With its ability to produce exceptionally clear images, and its reduced radiation, digital radiology will make your experience at [practice name] even better!”)

Services You Offer– Your Facebook wall can be used to remind patients of popular services you offer. For example, you can create a post that says, “Dr. Smith is an expert at whitening your smile. Call today to set up an appointment!” This post can be accompanied by a picture of one of your patients showing off a bright smile as an added touch.

Holiday Posts– Wish patients happy holidays on these designated days for instant, easy content. Don’t forget that lesser-celebrated holidays can also flesh out your page. Wishing fans a happy President’s Day or Columbus Day will add even more to your blog.

Have fun with your blog and your patients will have fun viewing it!


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