SecureMail: First Time Signup via SecureMail Message/Invitation


Instructions below ONLY apply to SecureMail.

If you have been sent a secure message through our MySecurePractice Secure Portal (, you will receive an invitation to create your own free account and reply to messages that are sent to you!

See instructions below for First Time Signup for users that are sent secure messages through the system.

  • If your practice already has an existing free MySecurePractice Account (if you login to for Secure Mail, Collaborator, TruForm or SEO Reporting), please contact Support for further instructions and to assist with adding a new user to your existing account.
  • If PBHS is setting up your SecureMail account for you, please click here for these step by step instructions.

First Time Signup from a SecureMail Message Invitation

  1. You will receive an invitation email in your regular email inbox from the party who sent you a secure message.
    • This email will contain:
    • If you do not see this original invitation message:
      • Check your junk/spam folder
      • Search your inbox for the sending email address: ""
      • You can also ask the person who sent you the message to send you a new one and verify they are sending to your correct email address.
  2. Within the email, select the first link to quickly register your account as seen below:
  3. Please enter your ADA number and Last name in the fields below. 
  4. Select "Submit" to continue or "Skip" if you are NOT an ADA member.

  5. Select "Get Started" once you are ready to begin:
    *Please note, all required fields will be indicated with an asterisk (*), this information must be filled in before you can complete your registration with MySecurePractice.
  6. Select the "Finish" button to finalize your account information:
  7. The registration confirmation below will give you further instructions to check your email:
  8. A final invitation email will be sent to set your password, follow the instructions and select the link provided within the email to continue:email-invite.png
  9. As an extra security measure, you will need to verify your identity before setting your password- you may have up to three options:
    1. Practice Main Phone:  If you provided a 'Practice Phone' during the registration process, you can choose the option "Make a call to" your Practice Phone. The MySecurePractice automated system will call you immediately to deliver your secret code to be entered.  
    2. Cell Phone:  If you provided a 'Cell Phone' during the registration process, you can choose either option within the drop down menu:
      • "Make a call to" your mobile phone
      • "Send a text to" your mobile phone
    3. After selecting your preferred method for contact, select "Continue"
      **If you do not see the correct phone numbers associated with your account to complete 2-step verification, please contact PBHS Support to verify your identity and correct the phone number on your registered account.
  10. The "Secret Code" will be sent to you immediately. If you do not receive the code, you change the preferred method or resend the code below.
  11. Enter the code given either via text or call, and select the "Continue" option.
  12. If the correct code has been entered, you will be presented with the Terms of Use for MySecurePractice below. 
  13. Scroll down on this page and select the "I Accept" button to continue.
    **If you do not accept these terms and conditions of use, then do not use this website or the services provided.
  14. You will now be able to set the password for your account, please note the password requirements below:

  15. Select "Continue" to finalize your password, you will be redirected to the MySecurePractice Login page .
  16. Enter your email address and password created to view the message that was sent to you:

See some further instructions for using the system below:


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