Launch Survey: Reviews Notifications


Periodically you will receive Launch Survey review notifications:

These email notifications will be sent to the email address configured with your Launch Survey. This can be updated at any time to the email address(es) of your choice - please contact PBHS Support for assistance updating this email address!

New Review Submitted Email Notifications

Each time a new review is submitted through Launch Survey on your website, you will receive an email similar to below:


Reminder Email Notifications - Keep your Reviews Up to Date!

Launch Survey sends you periodic reminder emails similar to below:


Patient Email - Office reply back to Survey Submitted:

This will only apply if your survey has a patient email field!

Within each survey, you can choose to reply back to the survey/comments they made. If you do this, the patient will get an email notification that your office has replied back to your review comment.  Within this email, it will give your response and give the patient an option to reply back further.

Once anyone from your office replies to the patient survey comments, the patient would get a notifications with an overview of the conversation/reply comment as seen below:


If they do click "Reply Back", they can add further comments to be submitted as part of the survey they already completed:


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