Launch Survey: Suggestions for Implementing Launch Survey!


Our Launch Survey product on your website is great from an SEO standpoint, it will increase the visibility of your website online! We also have incorporated some new features that help you understand your reputation across the web and you have the ability to post positive reviews to your business Facebook page to propagate on social media as well!

Once your patient review survey is setup on your website, we suggest encouraging patients to fill out the survey as much as possible!

Here are some suggestions:

  • You can add a link to the survey on the homepage of your website so it's more easily seen by patients browsing your website to encourage them to fill out and submit to you their feedback.

  • If you have an iPad or mobile device in the office, you can bookmark the page (or send a button to the home screen for easy access) to bring it up easily for patients to complete while they are still in the office!

  • You can also include a direct link to the survey in an email if you do mass mailings to patients!

  • Utilize the Launch Survey Campaign feature of the product to easily provide your patients a link to the survey form to fill out!


Please let us know if we can be of any help with implementing the suggestions above!

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