ADA TV: Reordering Media


Through our MySecurePractice Portal, you can reorder any media items in your playlist.

  1. Once you login
  2. View the Playlist you would like to edit
  3. Locate the media item within your playlist you would like to move.
  4. Left click anywhere on the row that represents that media item.reorder1.PNG
  5. Drag your mouse upwards or downwards, depending on where you wish to move the media item.
    Note: If you need to move a media item beyond the length of the viewable page, moving your mouse near the top or bottom of the page (while continuing to hold the left mouse button) will allow you to scroll further through the playlist.
  6. Once your mouse is positioned in the space that you would like the new media item to occupy, release the left mouse button.
  7. The media item will insert itself into the playlist in that position.reorder2.PNG
  8. Once you are finished rearranging, scroll up to the very top of your playlist and select the Save Playlist Order button.reorder3.PNG
  9. Your new media configuration is now saved in your playlist.


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