Sharing Reviews to Facebook Setup


Social Connect Set Up – 10 Easy Steps

This will allow Launch Survey to auto post all APPROVED Launch Survey Reviews directly to your Facebook Business Account.  To do so, follow the below instructions:

  1. Login to your website admin
  2. Select the SOCIAL CONNECT option on your LEFT hand menu:
  3. Select the Setup My PBHS Connect Account button:
  4. Select the Connect Your Facebook button located on the LEFT:
  5. Log into your Facebook User.
    **This Facebook User will need to be the same user that has Admin access to your Business Page.
  6. The Launch Survey app will ask for access to your name, profile picture and email address. Please select the "Continue as [Insert your Username]..." blue button:
  7. Select the OK button:
    **The app will then ask for access to manage your Pages and publish as Pages you manage. All of these requests are necessary to make posts on your behalf under Facebook's new security regulations.
  8. Select the Facebook Page you would like to post Launch Survey Reviews for:
    1. Confirm this page displays your Facebook Business Page Name,
      and then select that option (by clicking anywhere in the white field below)
      **This is confirming the page you want to use for publishing Launch Survey Reviews.
    2. After selecting your business page, (which will toggle to active), the survey will be linked to post on your page!
    3. Select the Return button directly below, this will lead you back to your website for further configuration:
  9. Select the Pencil icon to complete the configuration of what should post to your Business Facebook Account:
  10. Select what should be posted to your Facebook:
    1. You can select the items you want to post to Facebook by clicking directly on the options under What Should be Posted?ls-connect8.png
    2. Once Launch Survey Reviews is selected, select the Save button to finalize your configuration!!

Once back on your website, you will notice the status will change to  Launch Survey Reviews, everything is now setup!!


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