SecureMail: How to Search for a Secure Message


Instructions below ONLY apply to SecureMail.

Search (within Inbox, Drafts, Sent Items, Archive Folders)

  1. Once you login
  2. Select the Secure Inbox icon:
  3. Within the Inbox, Drafts, Sent Items and Archive folders, you will notice a "Search Field" at the very top of each section:
  4. You can easily identify what folder you will be searching for, as the Search Field label will state "Search Inbox" / "Search Drafts" / "Search Sent Items" / "Search Archived Items".

  5. This search field will search any emails within that folder, including:
    • Any word within the subject
    • Any word within the body
    • The TO or From Email
    • The To or From Email Contact Name (if that user is registered, if they are not registered they can be searched by email)
    • *This DOES NOT search for attachment file names!
  6. Add the text you would like to search for within the "Search Field"
  7. This will auto search your entered text and display results (if any) directly below for you to select and review.




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