SecureMail Secure Drop: Share Files


Instructions below ONLY apply to SecureMail.

  1. Once you login
  2. Select Secure Drop
  3. Select the Share Files button to your LEFT:
  4. This will open a new Secure Drop Share window:
    • Share With (*required):  Enter the recipient's email address in the "Share With" field.   *Please Note you can only add 1 email address per secure message.
      • Once you tab or click off the TO: field (to anywhere else on the message) you will be able to select the recipient's role if this is a new user not in our system. 
        Select the correct role for your email recipient, click here for further descriptions of each role
        **If our system detects the message entered is already a user within our system, you will not be asked to select a role...

      • Note, if this is a new user not in our system:
      • If you have previously communicated with the doctor/staff/patient in the past, you can select the "Contacts" option where your recipient will be listed:

        **Note, the user has to be registered to show in your contacts list:
      • Click directly on the registered contact you wish to use (once selected this user will be auto-added to the TO: field):
  5. Folder Name (*required):  Within SecureDrop it will be used as your folder name, and for the SecureMail email it will be used as the subject  
  6. + Add Note (optional): 
    1. Select the "+ Add Note" option if you would like to add a message along with your attachments:
    2. Email editor will appear, allowing you to write a message:
  7. Self Destruct (*not required):  By default, 30 days is the highest number of days you can select before sending.
  8. Drop Files Here to Upload or Add Files (*required):  Add the required attachment(s):
  9. Select Next to confirm your new users email and/or click the Share button to share your attachments now.
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