SecureMail Secure Drop: Delete an Existing Folder


Instructions below ONLY apply to SecureMail.

If you created a folder within Secure Drop, you will have the ability to delete that folder at anytime.  Note; if you do not see the "Delete Folder" option under the actions drop down, this means you did not originally create the folder (and will not have the ability to delete it).

  1. Once you login
  2. Select Secure Drop
  3. Find the folder you would like to remove, and select the Actions drop down
  4. Select Delete Folder
  5. A pop-up will ask you to confirm, select OK to delete your folder including the entire message and/or all attachments for yourself and your recipient
    • Select Cancel if you do not wish to delete this folder.
    • You will receive a confirmation pop-up letting your know you successfully deleted your folder.
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