Website Editing: How to Add a Meet The Staff Page


How to Add a Meet The Staff Page

1. Login to your website at

2. When logged into your site, press “return to website” in the upper left hand corner:


3. Navigate to the “Meet The Staff” page on your website. Click the floating black edit button on the left or right hand side of the page (Please note, it may be pointing in either direction depending on your template settings):


4. Click the Bootstrap Grid icon on the toolbar to select your layout for the staff member photo and text. The boxes indicate how many columns you will have in that particular row of the grid.:


5. To add more rows, click on the grid that was added, then select the "+" button which appears on the top-left corner:


Repeat until you have as many grids as you would like.

6. Click within the first grid’s first column on the left hand side, where you would like the image to go, then the insert media icon:


7. From here, you can select a photo from your media library or you can upload new files using this screen:

8. Once you have uploaded your file, it will appear in your Media Library. Select the photo you wish to enter in the grid. You will know it is selected when it is highlighted and has a blue checkmark on the top right corner.

9. Press the "Insert into post" button on the bottom-right corner of the page.

10. Now that your first column has the image in it, you can now click within the second column to write name, title, or a brief bio.

11. Repeat adding photos and titles/bios for each staff member. When you are finished, press the save button on your toolbar to save your changes:



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