ADA TV: Re-Sync Your Device


You may need to Re-Sync your device if you've completed the following changes:

  1. Added New Media to your Playlist
  2. Added New PBHS Content to your Playlist
  3. Changed your Device Settings Page

In order to see the changes above, you will need to re-sync your device so the settings changes and updates can be completed.  

Chrome Devices ONLY:  **If you've just added multiple new mp4's or images to your playlist, it is recommended to let the device naturally re-sync (as it does every 24hrs, in the middle of the night).  The device will need to manually download each mp4 and image which can take some time dependent of your internet connection/speed. If you've only added YouTube videos, you can resync at anytime- as YouTube videos are streamed and nothing further will need to be downloaded.

Amazon Firestick Devices ONLY:  **You can Resync at ANYTIME, as all media is streaming.  The resync will take seconds to start playing your ADA TV app again!

  1. Once you login
  2. Select the Silent Partner TV icon:
  3. Locate the Devices in account: table:
  4. Select the Actions drop down of the device you would like to resync:
  5. A pop-up will ask you to confirm this action, select the Re-sync button to confirm:
    **Note, if you have multiple devices- you can change the device (if needed) within this drop down provided.
  6. The assigned device will re-sync, by restarting chrome device or ADA TV app.  Any changes made to the device or playlist will take effect immediately. 
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