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To add a COVID-19 Alert, click here.


The below article will show you how to create a custom Website Alert.

  1. Login to your website admin portal.
  2. Select Settings in the left-hand navigation menu.
  3. Scroll down to the section called Website Alert Notice
  4. Toggle the Enable Website Notice ON to expand this section. 
  5. Under Website Notice Preset, use the drop down to select Custom Message
  6. A text field at the bottom of this section will appear, labeled Website Notice Text. Here you can add your custom alert verbiage.  
  7. The following settings will decide where this is displayed on your website:
    1. Website Notice Position
      here you can choose if you want this at the Top of your website or Fixed Bottom
    2. Website Notice Page Visibility:
      here you can choose if you would like this alert to show on All Pages or just the Homepage.  
    3. Website Notice Color:
      here you decide if you would like the Alert background color to display in RED or YELLOW
    Located at the top of the page, select the Save Settings button to finalize your change(s).

 Your Alert will now be active for all to see who visit your website!!

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