Secure Video: New Scheduled Session

  1. Once you login
  2. From the Videoconference Dashboard:
  3. Select the New Scheduled Session button:
  4. Select the Date from the calendar pop-up:
  5. Select the Time (AM/PM) from the drop down:
  6. Now select the Go button, you will be taken to the Add Participant Screen:
  7. blank-schedule.pngAdd your participant details below:
    1. Participant Name or Initials:  Add the name of the invitee (or initials):
      • 2 character minimum
      • Previously used contacts will auto fill
    2. Session Invite and Reminders: Decide how you want this participant to be invited:
      • E-mail invitation: A text field will ask you for participant's email.
      • Text Message Invitation: A text field will ask you for the participant's cell phone.
      • No Invitation: No invitation will be sent once scheduling is complete.
    3. Participant Time Zone: Select the participant's time zone
    4. Show Participant Documents:  Select the package of electronic clinical documents that are appropriate for your consultation.
    5. Click here to require payment: If session payments are setup up on your account, and you wish to require payment for this session.
      1. Select the Click here to require Payment link at the bottom of this window
      2. Service: Select the applicable Account Service from the drop-down menu.
      3. Payment Required ($): Enter the amount the client will be required to pay in order to attend the session. This amount field will auto-populate based on defined pricing in your services formulary and can be easily edited here to adjust the payment amount.
    6. Now select the Save button to schedule your Videoconference.  
    7. This will bring you back to your Videoconference Dashboard.  Here you can see any scheduled sessions:
    8. To begin your meeting on the scheduled date and time, select the Enter Meeting button
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