Amazon Fire ADA TV: Amazon Firestick Remote Controls


In this section, we will go over the remote control button names and which commands will function with your ADA TV.

Please review the below Remote Controls used to navigate your ADA TV app:

  1. Rewind Button
  2. Play/Pause Button
  3. Navigation Wheel
  4. Select Button
  5. Home Button
  6. Back Button


Firestick Lite Remote:

  • Does include a GUIDE button
    • This leads to a grid-like view, similar to what you see w/a cable TV guide, that pulls in live TV channels from your apps...
  • Does not include TV power on/off button
  • Does not include TV volume buttons
  • Does not include TV mute button

If you want to turn your TV on or adjust the volume, you’ll have to use the dedicated TV remote.


Firestick 4k Remote:

  • Includes the TV power on/off button
  • Includes TV volume buttons
  • Includes TV mute button
  • Does not include GUIDE button (like the lite TV)


The buttons explained below will work on either the Firestick Lite or 4k Remote explained above:


Rewind Button:

The Rewind button will take you to the OPTIONS page from any screen within the ADA TV app.


Play/Pause Button:

The Play/Pause button will start and stop the ADA TV app.

  1. While the ADA TV app is playing, pressing the Play/Pause button will take you back to the Start Screen:

  2. While on the ADA TV Start screen, pressing the Play/Pause button will begin the play of the default playlist connected to the ADA app.

The home button will exit the ADA TV app.


Navigation Wheel:

The navigation wheel, representing left, right up and down.

You can the navigation wheel to tab to different options when not actively playing the ADA TV app.


Select Button:

The Select button, which can be used throughout the app to select options highlighted within the ADA TV app.


Home Button:

The home button will exit the ADA TV app.


Back Button:

The back button will go back one screen when possible.


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