Viewing Submitted truForm PDF within WinOMScs


Instructions below ONLY apply to truForm with Carestream (WinOMscs) Integration.

In order to complete this section, you must complete the below items:

  1. Generate Credentials for WinOMScs Software through MySecurePractice
  2. Add MySecurePractice Generated Credentials into WinOMScs Software
  3. If truForm doctor signatures are turned ON, you MUST sign through MySecurePractice FIRST

Once the 3 items above are completed, please follow the instructions below:

Within WinOMScs, we integrate the data from the truForm as well as the submitted PDF TruForm right into your WinOMScs patient's account.   Please follow these instructions to view the submitted form at anytime!

  1. Locate and open the patients account
  2. Select the Patient Reg option, located on the left hand column
  3. Any integrated truForm will be listed as Patient Registration Form (even if you integrate a referral form or consent form, the label will always be Patient Registration Form).
    • The date will indicate when it was integrated
  4. Click on the form name (Patient Registration Form) to view the submitted truForm directly below:pdf1.png

*NOTE, if the patient uploaded any (common file) attachments when submitting this form, you can scroll down to view those documents embedded within this submitted form. 

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