ADA TV: Playlist Play Repeatedly Action


If you would like to play a playlist (that isn't already your default device playlist), you have the option to play the additional playlist on repeat. This playlist will play, and continue to repeat until your device resyncs (usually set at 12am, every 24hrs).  Once your device successfully resyncs, it will begin your regular default playlist assigned to that device.

This will only be needed if you have multiple playlist.  This will tell the system to play this playlist repeatedly (instead of going back to the default playlist once done)...

  1. Once you login
  2. Select the Silent Partner TV icon

  3. Locate the Playlists in account: table:
  4. Select the Actions drop down of the Playlist you would like to play on repeat:
  5. Select the Play Repeatedly option:
  6. A pop-up will ask you to confirm this action, select the Play button to continue:

The playlist will instantly begin to play, and will continue to play and repeat until the device naturally resyncs.  



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