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MySecurePractice portal has short tours that will walk you through different portions or products you are present in.  You can choose to turn these on or off, OR reset them so you can go through them again!!

Once the tour is completed once, it will no longer show unless you reset all tours. 

  1. On the My Profile page
  2. Select the TOURS tab
  3. Under Disable Tours, you can select:
    1. Yes = Tours will no longer show
    2. No = Tours will continue to show (noting they will only show once)
  4. Once your changes are complete, select the Save Profile button (located in the top/right hand corner):
  5. At any point, you can select the RESET ALL TOURS button, and all tours will show again once.
  6. You will see a black pop-up confirmation, letting you know this change has been successfully made:
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