Collaborator: Patient Talk Tab - Sharing Attachments


Each doctor or staff member on the case will have their own PRIVATE Patient Talk section, which no other doctor/staff member can see.  

If the patient replies to your message with attachments you would like to add to the case for all to see, you can do this using the Share button provided next to each attachment the patient has uploaded.    This will allow you to share all or a select few images of your choosing within the Attachments tab, which all doctors/staff on this case will then have the ability to review.    

  1. Once on your dashboard
  2. Find the correct patient case and select the View button:
  3. Select the Patient Talk tab within the case:
  4. Navigate to the patient comment with attachments:
  5. Select the Share File to the RIGHT of any patient attachment uploaded:
    1. Once the attachment is shared to the Attachment tab, the attachment will no longer show the Share File option (a visual indication that you have previously shared this attachment).
  6. The page will reload, and a confirmation will alert you it was successfully completed:
  7. Under the Attachments tab, the attachment will be listed here.  Noting the uploaded by will show the patient name!
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