Collaborator: Attachments Tab & Case Images


In this section, we will go over the following:

  1. Accepted File Types
  2. Maximum Upload Size
  3. Attachments Tab

Accepted File Types












Maximum Upload Size

Max upload size is 500MB per each file uploaded.

Attachments Tab

  1. Once on your dashboard
  2. Find the correct patient case and select the View button:
  3. Select the Attachments tab within the case, here you can:
    1. Filter
    2. View Images Uploaded & Case Images Section
    3. Upload Files
    4. Download Allattachments.png


You can filter through your uploaded attachments, to help refine your search.

  1. On the Attachments tab
  2. To the left, you can filter through the type of attachment by selecting a file type in the dropdown:
    • For example, if you select Documents (your view will auto refresh and show you only document type files (if any)):


View Images Uploaded & Case Images Section

You can view any files attached, please note- you can visually only see common image file types online like (jpg, jpeg, png, bmp, tiff). 

The Case Images section can be viewed from any tab on the Case.

  1. On the Attachments tab
  2. Directly under the Attach Files button, you can view and sort any previously submitted files by:
    1. File Name
    2. Date Added
    3. Uploaded By
  3. Under the image you would like, select the View button:
  4. This will display a thumbnail of the image to the RIGHT, under Case Images:
  5. Select the download icon under the image, to open and/or save the individual image on your computer:

  6. Select the crossed arrows icon, to open a bigger view of the images:
    1. Select the right or left preview arrows, that will appear on the image by hoovering over the image with your mouse (if you have more than one image uploaded, this will show):
    2. You can download this image, by selecting the down arrow icon located in the bottom right hand corner:
    3. You can exit this view, by selecting the X in the upper right hand corner:


Upload Files

Any doctor or staff member on this case can upload files at anytime to this case.

  1. On the Attachments tab
  2. Select the + Attach Files button
  3. With your mouse, click within the gray dotted square:
  4. Navigate locally on your computer and select the files you would like to upload, then select the Open button:
  5. Select the Continue button to upload:
  6. This will lead you back to your attachments tab once complete, and you will notice your files have been uploaded:


Download All

If you would like to download all files uploaded under attachments, this will allow you to save a zip folder filled with any and all attachments from this case.

  1. On the Attachments tab
  2. Select the Download All button

  3. Navigate locally on your computer where you would like to save the image, then select the Save button:

  4. Once saved, you can open your zipped folder in the location which you saved it to:
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