Truform: Filling out a Patient Referral Form


How to fill out and submit a patient referral form

Using the online patient referral form allows a referring doctor to submit their referrals, and any attachments they may need to send, digitally through the secure portal. 

Locating the form

The referral forms are usually located under the ‘Referring doctor’ tab on the office’s website


On the ‘Referral Form’ page, you will see our referral form text along with a button to access the online formRef2.PNG

Filling out the form

Once you enter the form, you can navigate by scrolling up and down the page to fill out the necessary information regarding the patient.ref3.PNGref4.PNG

Note: the ‘complete and send’ button will show throughout the form for ease of use, but it should only be clicked once you have fully completed the form.

Adding attachments

Once you have completed the form and hit the ‘Complete and Send’ button, you will have the option to upload any necessary attachments.attachments.PNG

Make sure once you upload and submit the attachment(s), that you see the window in the upper right hand corner stating ‘success’. If you do not see this window, your attachment may not have successfully been attached to the referral form.


Downloading the completed form

Once the form and any attachments have been submit to the referring office, you will have the option to download your submitted referral form. Simply click the ‘Download Submitted Form’ button and you will receive a pdf copy of the form you just submit. download_form.PNGfinal.PNG

Accessibility Button

We have included a button on all of our truforms for accessibility purposes.ref6.PNG

This button provides the following options:

  1. Changes the color of the form to black with white text
  2. Changes the color of the form to white with black text
  3. Increases text size on the page
  4. Decreases text size on the page
  5. Reverts all changes to the look of the form back to the original.
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