My Profile: How to Update Your Card On File


This will allow you to update your credit card's information. You can use this feature if you wish to use a different credit card, need to enter the new expiration date for an existing card, or wish to reinstate your subscription if a payment fails to go through.

You must have a credit card on file within MySecurePractice from purchasing SecureMail in order to update your credit card information using the instructions below.

**Please note: If your card has been declined or has expired, you can enter new credit card details here which updates the credit card on file for your user account. Updating the credit card information does not automatically purchase and start your new paid subscription to the service.

If your user accounts is now on the free or disabled tier, once you update your card on file you will need to:

      1. Re-purchase SecureMail plan(s)
      2. Re-purchase Standard Email plan(s)

  1. On the My Profile page
  2. Select the Update Profile option from your dashboard
  3. Scroll down on the Account Profile tab, until you reach the Card Details section:
    **If you DO NOT see the Card Details section, you do not have a card on file for this specific user.
  4. Select the Update Credit Card button
  5. A pop-up will allow you to enter your new Credit Card information, select the Update Credit Card button once all required fields are completed.
  6. You will see the black confirmation below, once successfully saved!

Additionally, MySecurePractice portal will email you a month before your card on file will expire (see email below):

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