Samsung ADA TV: Installing the ADA TV App

  1. Press the Home button on the remote
  2. Select Apps from the Home menu
  3. Use the remote to select App Search
  4. Enter ADA TV using the on-screen keyboard    
  5. ADA TV app will appear on the top of the screen

  6. Press Up on the remote to highlight it
  7. Press Select on the remote
    • *Note:  If you are not already signed into your Samsung account you will be prompted to sign in. You must sign in before you can install any applications
  8. Highlight the Install button and press Select on the remote
  9. When the installation is complete the button will change to Open
  10. While selected, press OK on remote to launch ADA TV

We recommend that at this point you add the app to the Home screen. You can always come back to Settings inside the Apps screen to either add ADA TV to Home, or launch it directly

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